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Qirmizi Famenne
Born: 2001-12-25

Mindy was our pick from the F-litter and she has blessed us with some really nice wins. When she was 18 months, she won the saluki specialty in Vårgårda, Sweden under Garry Newton (Solaris), USA. At the age of two, she won a sighthoundspecialty under the saluki and sighthound specialist Birgitha Runmarker (Azadi) from Sweden.

In 2005 Mindy won BOB at the prestigious saluki- and afghanspecialty in France, Falapa under under specialty judge Anette Haferl (Tin Hinan), Switzerland. She was also Best in Show under the four judges Haferl, Norman H. Corbett from Spain, David Allan from Spain and Sandy Frey, USA.  One month later she won BOB and BIG-2 at the international VHD Europasieger show in Germany under Martha Heine from Germany. Mindy has continued to win allbreed Best in Shows and sighthound specialty-BIS. Her latest big win was when she was placed fifth in Best in Show at the big Stockholm international show in December 2008, with 6000 entries under Hans Lethinen, Magnus Hagstedt and Karl-Erik Johansson! She has also won several allbreed BIS in Norway and in 2007 she was Saluki of the Year there.

In 2010 Mindy did great. She won two allbreed Best in Show and one specialty BIS in Sweden from veteran class and ended the year as Mostwinning Salukibitch of The Year. In 2012 Mindy placed second best bitch among 90 bitches at the big Skokloster Summer Show under judge Norm Strathdee, from Australia.

Private, Mindy is wildest of them all, especially when it comes to hunting. She is so happy and really enjoying life, also at the age of 11+. Mindy is such a sweet and cuddly girl and both Nicklas and I have a softspot for her. She can really twist us around her little finger.

Mindy left us in October 2013, almost 12 years old. She was Ingunn's heart-dog. We miss her so much. it is almost unbearable..


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